Success occurs when your dream is bigger than your excuses.


To remain a leader as a Makeup & hair designer in the International and National Cinematographic sector, to be at the forefront of my sector and to be in constant pro training, in order to be able to give the best of myself. Create value and make a difference.


To continue being a professional pro, continue working in International and National Cinematographic projects, to transmit my values ​​and experience through the Training.

Productivity: To be an effective and dynamic professional.


Leadership: striving to give shape and the best of yourself. Collaboration: empower collective talent.

Integrity: be transparent. Accountability: be responsible. Passion: be committed to the heart and the mind.

Diversity: have a wide range of professionals and be as inclusive as they are.

Quality: search for excellence, Proactivity. 

Implication: I am constant with new projects, I am curious and I always explore new paths. Making consensual decisions and learning from my mistakes. 

Overcoming: Constantly questioning what I do and seeking to apply creative ideas that allow me to innovate in an agile and practical way.

Honesty: I work with respect, transparency and humility to build trust with whom I relate.  Teamwork: I collaborate to achieve common objectives, sharing information, knowledge and experiences. Listening and contributing different points of view to improve.

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CARMEN FRAILE Makeup&Hair Designer 2019 Spain Tfn +34 639164210